'Future Forest'

A Conceptual Light Art Installation By Dicapria

Welcome to a surreal dream cave from a far away multi-verse. At 12ft tall with glowing topography and eye design-textured carvings. The interior is a lush cathedral of an other-worldly light-up forest of hand sculpted/molded/casted/transparent LED back-lit flora that hold you in this majestic space.



This is a 12ft tall surreal glowing cave-like structure with an interior playspace of about 180sqft. The exterior of the
cave has topography linework and eyeball designs. These are carved/cut out throughout the piece and backlit so that
the linework glows. There is a protruding transparent texture of fiberglass/resin over these lines to add depth. Two
large open entrances allow visitors to enter this world and for passerbys to see through enough while walking by.
Upon entering, one would be fully surrounded by a glowing, majestic, other-worldly forest of hand sculpted alien-like
flora that covers the entire space from walls to ceiling. The botanicals are hand molded and cast transparent and
back-lit with a series of dynamic LED lights which create a glowing space.


We want to bring people into another world, another perspective, a shared experience of discovery with other
participants to experience what it's like to exist in a glowing other-worldly forest with others.
It is a multi-sensory experience. Upon exploration, visitors can watch the dynamic LED lit designs shift in color around
the outside of the cave. Entering into a space where they are fully surrounded by a glowing forest with led lights
shifting colors inside the plants from wall to ceiling. A hypnotizing soundscape echoes throughout the structure, the
sounds of this mystical forest to fully welcome you home.
As a stretch goal, some of these sculptural pieces will be light and sound reactive through touch, so you could play a
symphony of multi-verse-like sounds alongside the soundscape. We hope people play together and play with the
lights and soundscapes together to build shared experiences and new and deeper connections.

This piece is based on a series of dreams. In this journey, I am able to be whisked through space, forever looking at
passing celestial objects; planets, rocks, darkness, and light. It's an expression and interpretation of that journey: how,
as human beings, we are on a journey on Earth to have a human experience, to truly embody the senses and feelings
it conveys. We are sent on a voyage through the unknown, subconsciously being led by an internal gut feeling. This
sculpture is a reminder of what it would feel like to be home, in another multi-verse that our eyes may not recognize,
but our soul recalls and recognizes it. It's imagining what kind of lush forests and life would exist, how does it create
energy? What kind of growth and light happens on your planet to bring you of home?

in the deep deep depths of

Prototype : Proof of Concept

'Oracle of the Deep' was created in May 2019 and exhibits a good idea of a similar method and style of how the Future Forest will be constructed using sculpted, molded, and casted pieces of the same material we project to use. We plan to sculpt and cast larger pieces and more fiberglass sculpted architectural type pieces for the background. 

'Oracle of the Deep" originally created by Dicapria (Lead Artist, Co-Producer, Art Director) & Tyler Gary (Co-Producer, Structural Design/Lighting) 


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