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monsters of the underworld


Thanks for visiting this SECRET Monster Page. 

Monsters have taken over the Underworld! (on top of the hill)
and have
delightfully orchestrated a daily Monster Parade.
Join the parade, befriend and embody your inner monster, byo costume,
Discover and reckon with what mischief ignites at the end of each parade.
Join us for the Ghost Rave! 

We’re asking for support in making this project the best it can be! 

How you can help includes : 

  • we're accepting donations via venmo - @dicapria-delcarpio 

  • coming to the craft workshop on Saturday, May 13th 2-6pm (suggested donation of $0-$100) (notaflof)

  • look out for our monster merch at the merch table at the event


What are we making?

We’re making a big handful of monsters, organizing a daily parade (for all monsters/creatures/freaks/aminals to participate) that leads to the Underworld (on top of the hill) with culminating performances and creating a renegade stage for performers/musicians/dj’s. 


Check out some sneak peeks of our Monster Designs and Works in Progress {below} that we’ll be presenting at the ye-must-not-be-named secret thing in June. 


Monster Making Craft Workshop - open to the fairey tale community
Saturday, May 13th in Oakland 2pm-6pm at Holodeck : 840 36th Street Oakland, CA -
Sign up here  - Limited to 40 people

Dig in to embody your inner monster. 

We want to offer a space to share how you can use more upcycled materials to create pretty much anything, to offer tips & tricks on how you can create more sustainable diy costumes for this event and for the future. We’ll give a smol talk on sharing some of these ideas and methods, a helpful guide on monster design & embodiment, open the floor for others to share their own sustainable crafting techniques, plus provide a fun crafting day with your friends to boot - to start making your very own M O N S T E R. 

We will provide basic materials (cardboard, glue, staples, paper mache materials, paint, some fabric scraps and other fun craft items. But please feel free to bring your own crafty detailed items too. 

Suggested donation (sliding scale) of $0-$100 (notaflof). 

We’re happy to just see y’all creating together.
Remember to sign up -  - so we know how many people to prepare for. 

Where the $$ goes
We are about to start spending out of pocket to get this installation to the quality we’d like it to be. Any donations for this craft workshop and other donations will go towards making these Monsters looking extra fantastic, including :
Obtaining art materials, build materials, transport, and extra art expenses going towards our crew of queer, poc, trans, and neurodivergent artists. 

Thank you!!!!
Don’t forget to donate here! —--> on venmo —--> @dicapria-delcarpio 

p.s. - once you finish your monster costume, come join us for the daily Monster Parade at the event! We can’t wait to see what you create. 

Rawr Rawr. Chomp Chomp.

monster design sketches

in progress

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