Peruvian/American Queer art creator, Dicapria, paints cosmic fantasy dimensions mixed with alchemic/geometric symbol line work as paintings, large light art installations and large scale outer space street art pieces. 

For the last 15 years, she has been a traveling fabrication artist, art director/producer, and creator of original immersive experiences & narratives, large scale light art installations, and has led and been part of production fabrication teams centered around large foam sculpture, clay sculpture, creative sets, production design, set design, scenic painting, murals, prop artistry work, puppet design/build, shadow puppet overhead projector analog animation, directing/producing/writing performances, casting, molding, wood working, etc. 

She currently resides in the Oakland, California.



I am fascinated by the worlds we live in inside of our minds, the places we morph, and create into fantastical quantum spaces - A constant theme in my work is exploring ways to connect the line work of earths geometry that exists throughout nature, architecture, human cells, and outer space and weave them into stories using light, paint, and found objects. I wish to present the invisible threads that exist in this world and show how they connect through all living things. 



Nocturne-X - Production Designer/Art Director/Foam Fabrication Lead - 2021

A 5000sq ft extended reality project with over 150 local artists, fabricators and technologists bringing to life an interactive other-wordly glowing forest planet. Premering at Gray Area in San Francisco Oct 2021-Jan 2022. www.nocturne-x.com 

Marooned! An East Bay Scavenger Hunt — co-lead artist/co-producer 2020

A 4-6hr Narrative Design Scavenger Hunt done while self isolating on open air hikes throughout the east bay. A heroes journey of quarantine themed with self-led experiences at each stop. 

Oracle of the Deep Installation — lead artist/co-producer/artistic director 2019

Glowing Other-Worldly Forest Cave Immersive Experience talking to an other-worldly creature that answers questions from the beyond in an LED lit space. 

Intranauts — co-lead artist/visual design/co-narrative team 2018

An Immersive Experience as 3 Intranauts from Innerspace lead you on a cosmic guided visualization journey to find your own inner space & participate in an intimate group project with narrative & overhead projector analog animation

Cardboard Clubhouse — co-project build manager/crew 2018

A 14'x14' room made entirely of cardboard as a nostalgic kids dream, cardboard toys, props, set under a canopy of cardboard trees and fireflies. An immersive experience wearing cardboard costumes doing nostalgic kid things. 

7 Eyed Jaguar Art Installation — lead artist/producer/artistic director 2018

7ft tall Installation Sculpture of the head of a 7 eyed Jaguar that you can enter into the mouth of for an immersive sensory experience. 

Gummy Bear Pyramid Light Art Installation — lead artist/producer 2017

14ft tall light art installation made out of 200,000 hand casted gummy bears. Burning Man 2017 Honorarium recipient that premiered in Black Rock City NV and continues to tour. 

Street Art & Live Painting Performer - 2014-2016

Traveling from California to New York to paint murals and walls and to various west coast art and music festivals to perform as a live painter.

“Rhinoceros” — Director/producer/writer 2010

Multi-media shadow puppetry performance adaption of the original play by Eugene Ionesco at Long Beach Museum of Art. 

Tableau Vivant Nouveau — director/producer 2007

Bringing a 2d painting to life via performance with dance and puppetry. Originally produced in Florida at Paradigm Art Gallery and Orlando Puppet Festival



Freelance theatre artisan — 2003-2013

Scenic Painter, Prop Designer, Prop Manager, Puppet Designer, Set Designer, Production Design, Stage Manager, Director, Producer for over 10 years for regional theaters and independent filmmakers throughout the US. 

Production Management and Marketing work for ArtBattles : 2013-2014.                            Art Management for Artists/Creative Business Consultant 2007-2015                               Gallery Curating Experience 2007-2010


Meow Wolf, Burning Man, Toronto Light Festival, Academy of Arts & Sciences San Francisco, The Armory SF, The Edwardian Ball, Miami Stage Company, Miami Children's Theatre, NYC Fringe Festival, Hollywood Fringe, Will & Company, Scera Center for the Arts, John Engemann Theatre, Utah Musical Theatre, A Noise Within Theatre, and more. 


Gabba Gallery, The Hive Gallery, Bushwick Open Studios, Branches Mobile Gallery, Long Beach Arts, Muddguts, ConArtistsNYC, The Expo, Viento y Agua

LIVE PAINTING — 2011-2016

Lucidity Festival, Boogaloo, Enchanted Forest Gathering, Lightning in a Bottle, Stilldream, Burning Man, Untz, Celestial Canvas, Desert Daze, Joshua Tree Music Festival, 


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