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experience design

"monster ballet" ~ Co-Creator/Co-Project Manager

2022 - A roving art movement piece - a stylized monster that is made up of individual dancers wearing monster body part costumes who come together in a choreographed dance to become one being.

Co-created with Tess Clabby - Choreographer - Hannah Stiles. Dancers/Fabricators - Krystal Hartfert & Marianne Olney-Hamel

"marooned scavenger hunt" ~ Co-Creator/Co-Project Manager

2020 - A 4-6hr Narrative Design Scavenger Hunt done while self isolating on open air hikes throughout the east bay. A heroes journey of quarantine themed with self-led experiences at each stop. 
Co-Created with Lucy Kang, Adair Skehan, & Galen Dorian in Oakland, California

"no sleep hotel" ~ crew member/install team

2019 - An Immersive installation piece
lead by

"the copper ruins" ~  crew member/install team

2018 - An Immersive installation piece
lead by Logan Taylor

"intranauts" ~ co-creator/visual design/co-narrative team

2018 - An Immersive Experience as 3 Intranauts from Innerspace lead you on a cosmic guided visualization journey to find your own inner space & participate in an intimate group project with narrative & overhead projector analog animation
Co-created with

"cardboard clubhouse" ~ co-project build manager/crew

2018 - A 14'x14' room made entirely of cardboard as a nostalgic kids dream, cardboard toys, props, set under a canopy of cardboard trees and fireflies. An immersive experience wearing cardboard costumes doing nostalgic kid things. 

created with 

"25cents" ~ creator

2020 - Two quarter machines installed at the curated art show "Val-u-mart" as part of an artist-made, meta convenience store experience. For 25cents, one would receive one new identity or one new set of values. 

Val-u-mart created by Jen Johnson, Ad Naka, & Raz Swimmer

"rhinoceros" ~ director/producer/writer

2010 - Multi-media shadow puppetry performance adaption of the original play by Eugene Ionesco at Long Beach Museum of Art. 

"tableau vivant nouveau" ~ director/producer

2007 - Bringing a 2d painting to life via performance with dance and puppetry. Originally produced in Florida at Paradigm Art Gallery and Orlando Puppet Festival

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