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'Monsters of the Underworld'

Immersive Experience Design & Art Installation

Monstrous costumed figures lead an extravagant and boisterous Monster Parade to our stage of The Underworld. 
We lead participants in a cathartic, mystical journey, and transformative experience that has them shed their mortal human layers to adopt their own fantastical monstrous self. 

The Vision


An Immersive Experience Activation: giant costumed Monster characters guide participants in a cathartic, buoyant journey that encourages them to leave their human form and enter into a full embodiment of their monster incarnations.

Join in the Monster Parade that leads to the Monsters’ of the Underworld Lair. 

Surprise performances and monster rituals await, culminating in a raucous Monster Dance Party.

Rent this Monster Experience! 


(can be included in experience) 

  • Rent 1 or all of these Monsters for your event
    We have a handful of custom designed, handmade large Monster Costumes, Masks, Large Character Puppets, Multi-Person-Operated-Creatures

  • We can include performers to mechanize the monster or show you how to operate them yourselves

  • An engaging and participatory Monster Parade with MC's and Band 

  • A Monster Dance Party or Ball with curated performers

  • A preliminary Monster Making Craft Workshop to help people get costumed for your event 

  • Unique Absurdist & Surrealist Monster Performances 

    DM for Specs, Pricing, and Availability 

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