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Gummy Bear Pyramid Light Art Installation

Wander into the land of your imagination as you enter the Gummy Bear Pyramid, a 14 foot tall light art installation made of over 200,000 hand-casted, glowing gummy bears.


Created by Dicapria and the Gummy Bear Pyramid Crew 

This art installation was an Honorarium Recipient premiering at Burning Man 2017 and continues to tour the world. 

Our Vision

Gummy Bear Pyramid is a 14 foot tall pyramid light installation made out of over 200,000 hand casted gummy bears. 


Follow your imaginary sweet tooth to a land of rainbow hue constructed nostalgia. 

The Gummy Bear Pyramid is designed to awaken the imagination and encourage creative expression. Our vision is to provide a space that inspires anyone that enters to play and engage with others' creative, colorful minds.  It is our hope, that upon entering the pyramid, visitors will start to investigate the rainbow pixelated imagery and discover for themselves what the whole structure is made out of, triggering a sense of playful spiritual reverence that elicits worship of the mind, and the endless possibilities of worlds it can create.



Over 200,000 small bears were hand casted out of custom molds using urethane plastic and dyed to radiate a rainbow prism of translucent hues. The bears are similar in size to that of the traditional candy. Each bear placed individually to form elaborate patterns on all four sides of the pyramid.


The pyramid's base structure is constructed out of metal with custom dual-paned acrylic boxes that encase the mosaic of bears. The translucency of the acrylic allows the sun to illuminate the bears during the day, while LED lights illuminate the pyramid at night. Visitors will be able to enter the pyramid opening up to 250 sq. ft. of play room. The footprint is 16 feet wide on each of the four bases and 14 feet tall at the apex. An optional door can be added by removing one of the triangles for easier access to the interior. A diffused chandelier hangs at the top, and lights the 4 walls of the pyramid without being too bright for participants to also be underneath. 
The pyramid is made to be water, heat, and wind resistant and can be installed for multiple months outdoors. 


Why Gummy Bears?

The original idea came about in 2012, when lead artist, Dicapria, began to experiment with ideas for a new light installation series. The artist, who had been inspired for years by various architectural line work, sand mandalas, stained glass, crop circles, and the Lite-Brite toy, turned to an unlikely medium- gummy bears. Her 2013 Art Series, Gummy Bear Mandalas, were constructed with gelatin gummy bears and resin pours in acrylic light boxes and refurbished window frames.


From there, she wanted to take this series a step further: “By expanding the idea into a more large scale geometric shape, I hope that there will be a more direct, intimate experience that provides an opportunity for the imagination to light up and re-awaken, that encourages creative play, and a sort of self-worship of the mind and all the sweetness that the imagination is capable of creating. ” -Dicapria

Will they melt?

Gelatin melts at about 85 degrees Fahrenheit. So we spent a lot of time researching, consulting with experts, and experimenting with different synthetic materials to find the best type of product that could withstand high temperatures and UV rays, was easy to work with and dye, fit within our budget, and cured relatively quickly. We settled on using a type of liquid plastic that we caste from a uniquely designed gummy bear mold. The bears will withstand the heat and sun exposure and will emulate a candy gummy bear, with our own custom designed bear with pyramid belly. 

Can I lick the pyramid?

If you'd like... 

Exactly how many bears are there?

We're taking guesses. But we estimate around 200,000.

Gummy Bear Pyramid on Tour

The Gummy Bear Pyramid is looking for other festivals, art shows, civic arts displays, etc to be installed at around the world. To inquire about having the Gummy Bear Pyramid installed at your event, please reach out to us at 

Still have a sweet tooth? Follow our journey here! @dicapriaart

Contact –



About the Crew

We have an amazing crew of talented architects, engineers, designers, metal workers, and artists that are all volunteering to collaborate on this project.



Lead Artist, Art Director, Project Manager


GD Wright 

Structural Design, Technical Director 


Lily Stephens

Architect, Design Coordinator


Michael Pukac

Co-conspirator, Artistic Consultant


Gummy Bear Pyramid Crew

Michael Pukac, Marin Love, Trevor Twist, Kendrick Feller, Adrian Rodriguez, Gisela Valenzuela, Kate Kuaimoku, Lisa Rosenthal, Raphael Kerley, Colin (Wizard), Allison Leevers, Robin Ward, Wren Merker, Shoshana Roselinsky, Martin Taylor, Paola Eisner, Indiana Joe Cross, Shane Mason, Lucy Pecora, Shane Saw Sischo, Jeanette Conley, Clarice Robenalt, Emily Toast, Carolina Gallegos, Biz Feinberg, Deb Linton, Tracey Sarita, Ben, Radhika Hersey, Joshua White, and more! 


Special Thanks

Arty at Douglas & Sturgess, Luke Iseman, Jim, Hyby Cozo's Serge Beaulleu, Yelena Flipchuk, Kat Brice, Dancing Burning Man, Nathan Krandus, Sarah at Compleat Sculptor, Peter Platzgummer from La Victrola, Meownge, Jes Bailey (with, Fannie & George, and many more)




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