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gummy bear mandalas

2013 Art Series: Constructed with Gummy Bears and Resin on Plexi or Glass and Framed in a light box with LED back lighting installed. Ranging in size from 2ftx3ft to 3ftx5ft

Check out the process here

Mandala 10
Mandala 08
Mandala 04
Mandala 05
Mandala 09
Mandala 07
Mandala 06
Mandala 01
Mandala 03


Mandala 02

Art Series. 2016-2017

This cosmic series captures experiences and visions from meditation, out of body experiences, and subconscious journeying. 

Art Series. 2014-2015

This series is from the 3 years I lived in a 1971 campervan and traveled throughout the United States collecting wood from different places and painting those stories. 

Art Series. 2012

I was a freelance artist for ten years creating work for other people, designing for theatres, films, homes, etc. This was the first art series I created that wasn't commissioned. 

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