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A Light Art Installation

An interactive light art experience that starts with crawling into a dark cave, as hand sculpted/casted other-worldly plant life lights up around you, and ends with an encounter of the mysterious glowing creature of the cave. What questions will you ask it? What will you find inside? 


The Vision

The Forest with the Oracle of the Deep is an immersive space & light art installation of a sculpted glowing forest of other-worldly alien-like flora with its mysterious progenitor, the Oracle of the Deep. Featuring a series of radiant transparent resin sculptures and a glowing interactive puppet. This artwork is backlit with dynamic LEDs, along with blacklight effects that paint a glowing beautiful landscape.    


The footprint is approximately 8ftx10ft and can be flexible. We could use this installation to combine with another installation, with or without the Oracle of the Deep Puppet. 

Power: less than 1200 watts & 1 outlet for lighting & sound



Enter through the door of a step pyramid with glowing writing & plant life peeking out on the exterior. The interior is dark upon entering then slowly illuminates a plethora of glowing otherworldly plantlife that surround the space.


Meet the Oracle of the Deep! A mysterious being that comes from the core of an unknown planet, residing in the deep deep depths of an underground cavern. The Oracle is the well-spring of life in this cave and is gestating the bio-luminescent forest of life around it. Because of its magickal, otherworldly nature, the beings that grow from its energy source take on an illuminating glow. The Oracle feeds off of deep curiosity of the intrepid explorers that venture into its cave, which proliferates the forest’s bright energy. 


Visitors crawl inside as they hear a mysterious, haunting, yet benevolent voice in the darkness that cackles and welcomes them in as it slowly comes to life.  The blacklight effects reveal an ancient face of bright glowing colors, a mouth that moves, and blinking twinkling eyes (all controlled and voiced by a hidden puppeteer using our custom sound design). The Oracle of the Deep encourages its visitors to band together to ask 3 questions. The oracle feeds on the DEEP, the imaginative ponderings of life and beyond, and encourages the group to reflect on themselves and their world. In turn, the creature imparts its wisdom and insight, finally asking the audience a question of its own for them to ponder while exiting. 

(Sample video experiences, more info, & narrative customizations are available upon request)


To create a more passive space, we can leave out the puppet creature and focus on creating an ambient immersive experience for visitors to explore independently. Visitors will quickly discover that they can immerse themselves in the space through interactive play.  Some of the sculpted objects can be set up to be touch-sensitive controls that cause sound and lighting shifts, allowing visitors to collectively play a symphony of sounds of the mysterious plant-life throughout the forest.


The Crew

We have an amazing crew of talented artists, engineers, performance artists, and designers collaborating on this project.



Artistic Director/Lead Artist/Co-Producer


Tyler Gary

Structural Design/Co-Producer/Lighting Design


The Crew

Lead Assistants - Amber Witten, Travis Gary.

Build/Installation/Performance Crew- Doug Marks, Gabriel A.J. Lujan-Flores, Gabriel Rosenstein, Jasmine Yohai, Dvorit Mausner, Gabriel Schicchi, Abe Finkelstein, Katherine Gripp, Debbie Ly, Rob Wadleigh, Chris Swimmer

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