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Rainbow Crow

Welcome to the house of the 7 Eyed Jaguar! - a concept birthed from an out of body dream experience that brings you on a journey through time and space to visit the galactic musings, stories, and legends of all that the 7 Eyed Jaguar sees sees sees sees sees sees sees.


Our Vision

The 7ft. tall art installation with 7 glowing eyes entice you to crawl inside past the illuminated teeth and over the squishy tongue. Visitors are welcomed into a cave of wonders where they can lounge and listen to asmr jaguar purrings.

This is as much an experiential piece as it is a visual art installation. We have jaguar cult performers costumed periodically performing a reading of the “Out of Body Jaguarization” monologue while other cats do choreographed movement dances inside and outside of the Jaguars mouth.

We hope that visitors will interact with the performers and each other to be taken on a sensory journey as they purr along into other dimensions through the wisdom of the 7 Eyed Jaguar.


The sculpture breaks down into 4 parts and is carved out of insulation spray foam with a wooden base, coated with an acrylic plaster and painted with acrylic paints. The semi-hard translucent teeth and eyes are constructed out of fiberglass that glow with LED lights. 


8ft high (approx)

12x10ft footprint (approx)

Total Weight - less than 500lbs

There is one entrance/exit via crawling through the mouth of the jaguar. Entrance height = approx 4ft

Play space approx - 6’x8’ of space in the interior.

Inquiries for booking this art installation, please reach out to 

The Crew

We have an amazing crew of talented artists, engineers, performance artists, and designers collaborating on this project.


Artistic Director/Producer/Lead Artist


Tyler Gary

Structural Design/Co-Producer/Lighting & Sound Designer


Jaguar Builders

Galen Boone, Kendrick Feller, Erika Frost, Trevor Twist, Marin Love, Annikah Peabody, Katya Radul, Amber Cayote WeMoon, Jasmine Yohai, Kate Kuaimoku. 

Special Thanks

Michael Pukac, Isaac Blackwood, Shane Saw Sischo, Brieanna Giordano, Corrugate Underground Warehouse Space, Arty at Douglas & Sturgess, Jim Hayburn, Luke Iseman, Sarah at Compleat Sculptor, Clara Vandewalle, Travis Tarin Judd, James Poptart, Travis James, Cara Harshman, Gabriel Schicchi, Frankie Thurston, Wizard Colin Bowring, Julia Jerome, Benja Juster, and many more! 

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